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Hi! I'm Eden, I figured this is a good place for you to get to know me a bit better and hopefully I'll get to know you soon too! 


Here are just a few quick facts about me!


  • I am a Buffalo New York native (Go Bills!!), but have spent time living in several different places. Within in the last 3 years I have lived in California, England, and most recently Canada! So needless to say, if you live a ways away or want a destination wedding, have camera will travel!

  • Besides loving photography, some of my other hobbies include writing, music (I play piano and sing, but also have tried my hand at violin, guitar, and drums), eating authentic sushi, and watching reruns of Friends and The Office until I can quote every line!  


Hopefully this has helped me not seem like just some weird stranger online, because I'm pretty sure that if we met in real life we would probably be best friends! It brings me more joy than you know to capture people's special moments and I feel absolutely privileged that I am allowed to take a glimpse into your story!

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