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TYLER + SIDNEY - New Years Engagement Session

One of the greatest delights in life is reconnecting with old friends that you haven’t seen in a while and realizing that you are still great friends! Sidney and I grew up together, but time goes on and life changes and sadly we got out of touch. So I was pleasantly surprised when Sidney messaged me on Facebook a few months ago and we easily reconnected and chatted about our lives like no time had gone by at all! I was even more excited when I heard that she had met a wonderful guy named Tyler, and as if I wasn’t already excited enough, they later asked me to be their wedding photographer!

These two are absolutely precious together. It would be impossible not to see how very in love they are. This engagement session is so sweet that I just couldn’t stop smiling as I was editing! Most of these photos are moments where they are just chatting or laughing together and didn’t even know I was snapping the camera (yes, they are just naturally that photogenic!!!). When they began quoting “Elf” to one another I knew that they were kindred spirits! It was a joy to spend the afternoon with them at beautiful Knox Farm in East Aurora where rustic barns and hay bales are a photographer’s dream! By the end of the day both Sidney and Tyler were basically “smolder” professionals and were such good sports as I made them climb on hay bales, lay on wet muddy blankets, and hold cold snow to get “the perfect shot”. But I think it was totally worth it!

This day was the perfect way to start off the New Year, and hopefully all future photo shoots will go as beautifully as this one! I am so excited to get to celebrate this special couple and join them on their wedding day this summer, I hope you enjoy getting to know them through these photographs just as much as I did!

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