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MEAGHAN - Westport Portrait Session

Joy is one of the most attractive things to have in a friend, and Meaghan is overflowing with it! This sweet girl is incredibly talented, kind, and giving. And dang, can she sannggg!

On a lovely golden evening in Westport, Ontario we ventured out to find some great spots for this beautiful portrait session! I dragged her around in her heels to an abandoned farm house,and down by the lake and docks, and even found a beautifully blooming cherry blossom tree! Everyone's concern when having their pictures taken is that they won't know how to pose, I always reassure them that they don't have to worry because I will boss them around, but Meaghan I didn't even have to worry about, she was a natural and even went along with all of my weird ideas and instructions! Like when I told her to do her best "smolder" which just consisted of her rolling her eyes upwards LOL, or picking about 20 dandelions and forcing her to blow on them all until we got the "perfect shot". She was such a trooper and her photos turned out so beautifully.

But what I really love about this session is that it so captures who Meaghan is. She is stunning on the outside, but also incredibly stunning on the inside. Enjoy these beautiful photos!

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