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HANNAH - "Dancing Upon the Desert" - A Styled Portrait Session (Part 1)

I think one of the most beautiful things anyone can do is to explore and expand their creativity by doing things that challenge and push them outside of their own boxes and limits. Styled shoots are an incredible way to do this for a photographer. A styled session gives the photographer the opportunity to take a vision that they see in their creative eye and bring it into reality. "Dancing Upon the Desert Parts 1 & 2" were exactly that for me! While visiting California I had the dream of bringing models into the desert and capturing their pop of color beauty amidst the barrenness of their surroundings, and as I got to watch these pictures begin to form I was truly stunned. They came out better than I could have hoped and my models were absolutely exceptional!

Hannah is a stunning beauty with more artistic talent than I can even describe. She is a natural model and added her own ideas to the project to help to make it turn out as exceptionally as it has! Please enjoy a look at these beautiful shots....

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