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WOLFGANG & HANNAH -"Dancing Upon the Desert" - A Styled Portrait Session (Part 2)

I actually don't even know how to begin on this one. These two are literally a dream come true!! Wolfgang and Hannah are both ballroom dancers that are training to begin competing professionally in Los Angeles this fall. This requires them learning 9 different dance routines and lots of practice time in the studio! Their commitment to the art of dance at such a young age is inspiring. So when I first saw them dancing together I got the idea into my head that I had to capture them dancing in the California desert! Plus they are super good looking, who wouldn't want to take pictures of them?? So on their last day of summer vacation these two, dressed in full ballroom attire, posed for me in the direct heat.

These images are not only a creative dream come true, but they also capture two people who truly inspire me. I believe the world will see much more of these two in the upcoming future because they are just too talented to not be in spotlight! Enjoy these beautiful images...

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